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Soo Sunny Park (b. Seoul, Korea) - Unwoven Light at Rice University’s Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas. Composed of 37 individual sculptural units, the installation uses iridescent plexi-glass embedded in pieces of a chain link fence to cast shimmering, colorful reflections across the spacious gallery. 

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Dead Roses

This series has taken forever..

#Mr Elbank Gallery

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Focus! It’s still only Tuesday.


Focus! It’s still only Tuesday.

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Mean Girls + GoT mashup is the best thing on the internet right now. See more here. 

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Game of Thrones Wedding Cake

oh yeah lets just have a game of thrones themed wedding

what can possibly go wrong?

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"Daenerys" - Illustration by samspratt

Finally finished. Had a little too much fun painting all that loose, whispy, wooshy, hair. Now right back to the art cave to continue research on a poster I’m particularly excited about.

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Venn diagrams are so enlightening.


Venn diagrams are so enlightening.

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